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Cooperative Purchasing

Cooperative Purchasing is an important service provided by WCIESC. Many things are available, from food to office supplies to school transportation. Click below for more information.  


WCIESC organizes and hosts workshops for teachers, administrators, and other school personnel.  Most workshops take place at our facility, but we can also work with you to provide training on site.

Other Services

In addition to cooperative purchasing & workshops, we offer more services 

 ESSA Consortium, a variety of discount purchasing options through the ESC of I.  

Compliance Training

By clicking on the link below, schools can watch a preview of compliance training videos that are currently available, see how online compliance training works, and purchase access. 

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*Meet the local educational needs of member school corporations by identifying those needs with support from school staff.

*Enhance educational opportunities for students by collaboration of resources to help establish programs, resource materials and serve the educational needs of students.

*Provide for a more efficient use of member schools’ time, materials and financial resources to enhance the quality and quantity of service and educational offerings.

*Allow for every school corporation equity of opportunity between member school corporations.

*Function as a facilitator for the Department of Education for the delivery of programs to schools in West Central Indiana.

The Purpose of a Service Center


Next Governing Board and Executive

Board Meeting

December 13, 2023


Excellence Through Collaboration

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